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Switzerland Travel: Toggenburg Klangwelt

Every time we come home from a Real Rail Adventures shoot, I can't wait to go back for more. If you're enjoying Real Rail Adventures episodes on public television, Create Network, and through Amazon Prime Video but still need more Switzerland, we've got you covered. After completing our shoot for Real Rail Adventures: Swiss International Hubs in September 2019, a couple of us stayed on to cover a few other far-flung Swiss stories.

In this first side-trip, I visit the Toggenburg region of eastern Switzerland where I meet Roland Liechtensteiger of Toggenburg Tourism for a tour of the "Klangwelt," or Sound World. On a spectacularly beautiful day in the Alps, we hike the Klangweg (Sound Trail) and tour the Klangschmiede (Sound Forge) Museum, where I learn a bit about the history of Swiss sound and get a workout forging a real Swiss cowbell.

How does Toggenburg look (and sound) to you? If you're interested in visiting the Klangwelt yourself, visit and, and feel free to ask questions here.

Where should I go next? Tell me all about off-the-beaten-path adventures you'd like to see on our show (or here on the very small screen). And, as always, stay tuned for more!



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