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Jeff Wilson rides an e-bike through the Lavaux vineyards above stunning Lake Geneva, Switzerland


How will thoughtful, conscientious people travel in the 21st century? Can travelers find ways to get the very best out of life, to enjoy new and exciting experiences, while still treating our planet's resources with respect?

Hosted by Jeff Wilson, Real Road Adventures is the latest series from Small World Productions, creators of multiple Emmy and Gold Telly Award-winning travel documentaries for public television.

Find out where to watch Real Road Adventures by following the links to view each episode or entering your ZIP code below:

Where To Watch


Jeff picks up an electric vehicle at the Zurich airport and embarks on the E-Grand Tour of Switzerland: the world's first road trip for EVs. It’s a thousand-mile circular route through the country and a mapping of the very best Switzerland has to offer.

Jeff Wilson in Zurich, Switzerland

Jeff finds innovation everywhere in modern Zurich, then visits a stunning, ancient abbey.


Jeff Wilson kayaks on Lake Brienz, Interlaken, Switzerland

Jeff scales spectacular cliffs, goes rafting, kayaking, ziplining, and learns to make chocolate, all in the shadow of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Jeff Wilson near Mt Titlis, Switzerland

It’s city art and outdoor fun with e-biking, an eco-cruise, and an organic “food trail.”

Jeff Wilson on electric bike in the Lavaux, above Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Western Switzerland has it all: Roman ruins, scenic vineyards, and a global world view.

Wilson mountain e-biking at the Matterhorn

Cable cars soar past thrilling waterfalls, and the Matterhorn feels close enough to touch.

Jeff Wilson e-bikes in Liechtenstein

Jeff heads off the beaten path to adventure in fascinating, eco-friendly Liechtenstein.


Host Jeff Wilson and Emmy Award-winning photographers lead viewers on a virtual adventure aboard the world's best rail system. Amazing trains, scenic grandeur, historic perspective and Jeff's concise travel advice mesh seamlessly in Real Rail Adventures.

DVD Cover of Real Rail Adventures: Switzerland PBS travel show

In this hour-long public television documentary, Wilson crisscrosses a nation that reveres railroads. Jeff’s mission: discover why the Swiss—and countless others around the globe—love trains. 

DVD cover of Real Rail Adventures: Swiss International Hubs PBS travel show

Jeff Wilson explores the creative genius, historic ramparts, and modern wonders of five hub cities in centrally located Switzerland — Basel, Bellinzona, Geneva, Interlaken, and Zurich.

DVD cover of Real Rail Adventures: Swiss Grand Tour PBS travel show

In the second episode of this Telly Award-winning series, host Jeff Wilson continues his adventures by following the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland to new, exciting outdoor thrills and Swiss experiences.

DVD cover of Real Rail Adventures: Swiss Winter Magic PBS travel show

Host Jeff Wilson takes world-class trains to grand winter adventures: from Alpine and cross-country skiing to snow-kiting, bobsledding, and paragliding off of majestic Mt Rigi.

Wilson strolls car-free Zermat.JPG


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Jeff Wilson rides an e-bike through the Lavaux vineyards above stunning Lake Geneva, Switzerland
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