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A Taste of Switzerland


Fondue is a traditional Alpine specialty, blending the distinct flavors of three classic melting cheeses: Emmentaler, Gruyere, and Appenzeller - $64.99


Switzerland Emmentaler cheese. Nutty, brash flavor Americans recognize as "Swiss cheese." Made from pasteurized cow's milk - $9.99


Ahhh...Swiss chocolate...it's just not the same here in the States. In Switzerland, every child is familiar with the name "Munz", which is invariably accompanied by a red flag - $4.99-$5.79


We first visited Gruyere in episode one of Real Rail Adventures and toured the famous dairy where this cheese is made. While it's well-known as the base for fondue, it's tasty on its own, too - $12.99


Pure comfort food, a real Swiss Rosti is the perfect side dish for any meal. These potato pancakes follow the tradition that well-browned, crispy potato patties are nourishing to the soul - $4.99


When winter's full force comes down on the alpine regions of France and Switzerland, savvy gourmands take refuge in the delicious ritual of enjoying raclette - $124.99

For more Swiss delicacies, visit iGourmet.com