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Ready to travel and experience the destinations and activities from our award-winning TV series? Now available: 2023 guided and self-guided tours of Switzerland with our local, Zürich-based partner, TravelWell. Click HERE to see this year's tours, and save 5% by entering code RRAWJW at checkout every time you make a payment! 


But wait, there's more! Looking for practical travel gear to make your trips go more smoothly? Look no further. Just back from abroad and hungry to find the treats you enjoyed there? We've got you covered. Come back to our store often for new items!


A Taste of Switzerland


Fondue is a traditional Alpine specialty, blending the distinct flavors of three classic melting cheeses: Emmentaler, Gruyere, and Appenzeller - $64.99


Switzerland Emmentaler cheese. Nutty, brash flavor Americans recognize as "Swiss cheese." Made from pasteurized cow's milk - $9.99


Pure comfort food, a real Swiss Rosti is the perfect side dish for any meal. These potato pancakes follow the tradition that well-browned, crispy potato patties are nourishing to the soul - $4.99


Ahhh...Swiss's just not the same here in the States. In Switzerland, every child is familiar with the name "Munz", which is invariably accompanied by a red flag - $4.99-$5.79


We first visited Gruyeres in episode one of Real Rail Adventures and toured the famous dairy where this cheese is made. While it's well-known as the base for fondue, it's tasty on its own, too - $12.99


When winter's full force comes down on the alpine regions of France and Switzerland, savvy gourmands take refuge in the delicious ritual of enjoying raclette - $124.99


We visited the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch, just west of Lucerne, for Real Road Adventures. This cheese comes from the milk of cows that feast on the alpine grasses of the area. It's studded with pumpkin seeds for a nutty crunch - $15.99

This smooth-textured, tangy cheese is made in canton Appenzell, in the east of Switzerland near the Austrian border. Milk comes from alpine pasture-grazed cows and the brush-rind cheese is aged for 3 months - $13.99 to $299.99

Emmental cheese is the "holey" cheese many Americans call Swiss Cheese, but this version is cave-aged with a nutty, full-flavor. Aged for 12 months in sandstone caves beneath Canton Lucerne. Produced by Emmi - $14.99 to $51.99


Compare Swiss and French raclette cheeses along with dry-cured Saucisson Sec, cornichons, and mini toasts. Perfect for a mid-winter warming party!   - $49.99


While you can't get the real thing from Switzerland in the U.S., you can get the same flavor from a top producer of dried meats and salamis. Just like Bündnerfleisch!   

- $11.99


Truffled cheese from the milk of Swiss Alpine cows? Are you kidding? Somebody get me a napkin...I'm drooling!  - $17.49

For more Swiss delicacies, visit

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